Deaf-Led Education

The CSD Learns team consists of intersectional deaf and hard of hearing educators, curriculum developers, and role models who all have navigated school classrooms as deaf and hard of hearing students.

Video starting with the close up of a woman signing "switch" then a close up of a man signing "programming." The video fades to a film crew focusing on a woman signing about budgeting. It fades again to a man in a field flying a drone, and again to a person signing into a laptop.

CSD Learns’ Toolkits

Our free Toolkits consist of ready-made presentations that feature deaf and hard of hearing adult role models in a variety of STEM careers. Whether you’re an educator focused on elementary school, middle school, or high school, we’ve got something for you and even for your students’ interests. Intertwined with modern classroom content, our Toolkits provide an exciting and engaging learning experience for all.

Headshot of Jo Bempong
The World of Software Engineering

Jo Bempong

Headshot of Steven Forney
The World of Drones

Steven Forney

Headshot of Johanna Lucht
The World of Electronics Engineering

Johanna Lucht

Illustration of a woman laying on her back with a laptop on her lap. Floating above her are icons of different Teacher's Toolkits.

CSD Learns’ Courses

We have an expanding choice of eLearning courses in ASL on financial education for your classroom’s self-paced or blending learning uses! Our free courses feature deaf and hard of hearing community members – from role models and guest educators to actors acting out roles.

CSD Learns’ Webinars

We also host webinars providing live discussions in the areas of STEM and financial education, with deaf and hard of hearing moderators and panelists. By signing up or viewing our previous webinars, you’ll start unlocking a wealth of resources, networking, and educational support.

“I have a student who wanted to be an astronaut for many months. Then he told me his mom told him Deaf people can’t go to space. I told him this wasn’t true, but he still seemed unconvinced. Now [because of CSD Learns] he has seen a real Deaf person who works for NASA.”

- Elementary School Teacher, CSD Learns Resource User

Illustration of a woman sitting cross legged with a laptop on her lap.

Our Role Models

Our team recognizes the importance of role models for young deaf and hard of hearing learners. Research shows that role models increase learning motivation when applied to a given field. We’ve taken this to heart, by working with deaf and hard of hearing adult role models in professional careers to create videos showcasing their life experience, the barriers they face, and journeys into their career – all laid out for your learners to absorb.

Headshots of 11 different deaf role models featured in CSD Learns' resources

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