Online Education for Deaf Learners Directly in American Sign Language

When creating resources for Deaf education, many things can be overlooked if the production process doesn’t include Deaf talent. Our Deaf-led production team prevents this potential pitfall. We always take every opportunity to work with talented Deaf individuals, from personnel leadership to our partners to independently contracted community experts that support the development of our courses. With great pride, we say that CSD Learns courses are created by the Deaf Community, for the Deaf community.

For Deaf-sighted learners, CSD Learns courses are designed to focus the eye’s attention on the presentation of information and to reduce distractions.

One example is limiting movement on the screen. Our courses incorporate many graphics and visual aids, but these are strategically used to supplement and add to the learning experience, not detract from it. In situations where a moving graphic is used, it will not begin motion until the person signing onscreen is paused, to allow for the learner to shift attention to the new information source.  

CSD Learns courses include additional resources for use by individuals or Deaf educators.

All CSD Learns courses also include a Resource Center with additional information and links to supplemental resources for continued learning outside our learning platform. You could take free classes like: 

  • Searching for a Job – Learn how to best approach a job search with tips and techniques perfect for Deaf individuals.
  • Work and Benefits – Transitioning from benefits to independence? Learn everything you need to set yourself up for success.
  • Writing Resumes – Show off your potential and get noticed by potential employers when you learn how to write a champ resume.
  • Banking Basics – Confused about banking? Learn more about setting up a bank account and what services are available to you.

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