Resources for teaching students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

My name is Carol Christensen and I have been a teacher for almost 15 years. I teach Consumer Education to seniors at the Illinois School for the Deaf. It is truly a privilege to be able to work with students related to their futures. For me, the course is determined by each student. Of course, we discuss housing, budgets, insurance, taxes, all the main themes related to “adulting.”

The best part about teaching consumer education is being able to take these topics and build towards where the individual student wants to go, what they want to do in their chapter in life. Many of my students focus on the now, but I try to get them to visualize that there is a new blank canvas out there — and it is just waiting for them to create something spectacular on it.

One of the biggest challenges I face teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing students is not having enough time. 

How do I cram all this knowledge into them in such a short amount of time? I want to be sure I answer all their questions and give them real world experiences, but time is valuable and unfortunately, there just isn’t much of it.

But…. then CSD Learns and I found each other.

CSD Learns truly has helped me save some time within my classroom. The videos are NOT long, and they are to the point in such a way my students get it. We can pause the video discuss a section, get back into it or discuss the whole video upon completion.

For my students that struggle with language, I use CSD Learns as the main curriculum and add supplemental hands-on activities of my own to reinforce the key points.

For example, when we watched the Writing Resumes videos instead of going to the computer lab after each video segment, we used a sheet of paper to write down our information. By the time the videos were complete, our four-squared sheet of paper was full of information. Now all we had to do was take that one piece of paper to our computer lab and begin typing our resume.

(Examples of teaching techniques for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Carol uses notes and signs in her classroom to reinforce the curriculum found in CSD Learns’ online classes.)

For my strong academic students, CSD Learns reinforces the text they are reading and clarifies any ambiguity they may have.

One student stated, “CSD Learns is a good program for deaf people to understand what you’re supposed to do in the real world. I’ve watched several videos and they were awesome. We need more of these ASL videos.” This student sums it up perfectly! Enjoy the programs!!

If you aren’t using CSD Learns for teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing students – well, why not?

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