With half of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and almost 20% of us with no money saved for emergencies debt is a serious problem. One thing that may contribute to this problem is a lack of financial education in high school. While more and more states are requiring financial literacy courses more than half still have no requirement in place, leaving our students to fend for themselves. 

Introducing Dealing with Debt: A Financial Education Teacher’s Toolkit 

CSD Learns and the Wells Fargo Hands on Banking program have teamed up to provide educators with a free resource to supplement your financial education lesson plans. Our Dealing with Debt Toolkit revolves around five video modules focusing on the journey of a deaf woman, Dawn, as she navigates her way out of debt.

With the resources included in these toolkit’s for deaf education, teachers can: 

  • Teach students about core concepts surrounding debt, credit cards, bankruptcy and more – preparing them for a future where they will be handling their own finances. 
  • Learn about accessible financial support resources that are situated in the deaf/hh community.  
  • Utilize the flexibility of the toolkit – with its worksheets, activities, and visuals –  to introduce concepts in a way that best suits the needs of their students’ learning styles. 

What Students Will Learn 

Each week, we highlight different topics, resources and activities to engage your students.  

Week One: Students will learn the warning signs of debt, figure out what information they need to review their financial health, and assess their financial standing to determine whether or not they are in debt. 

Week Two: This week we encourage students to explore avenues that they should consider to help them get out of debt – including, decreasing bills and starting a savings account. 

Week Three: We’ll explore what credit is and how to make it work for you, how a credit score can impact their lives and financial options, and more. 

Week Four: In our final week, we look at how bankruptcy can have significant and long-lasting consequences on their lives and identify alternatives to doing so. 

Why This Toolkit?

The Dealing with Debt Toolkit was created in a way that will allow educators to use as-is or to pick and choose the lessons, activities, and resources that fit their needs the most. This makes it easy for students to learn at their own pace and allows educators to adjust as the course progresses. 

It is crucial for deaf and hard of hearing students to be exposed to deaf and hard of hearing role models throughout their lives. Dealing with Debt was made by deaf professionals, features deaf role models in its videos, and points students towards deaf-friendly organizations. This toolkit, along with our other education resources, is a great opportunity for students to learn from successful deaf adults in various professions. 

Download yours today to see what all the hype is about! If you’re not sure how you would implement a toolkit in your classroom, read this blog to learn from others who have successfully done so in the past. 

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