About the CSD Learns Team

The CSD Learns team came together from all walks of life to provide quality, engaging education and resources in ASL for deaf and hard of hearing learners. Through our own learning experience, we’ve come to cherish how educational resources, classroom approaches, and eLearning are developed – through a honed, collaborative process working with different, skilled members of the community. Learn a bit about us!

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Meet the CSD Learns Team

We’ve been evolving in our eLearning approach! A subsidiary of Communication Service for the Deaf, CSD Learns started out by filming actors on-camera, portraying learning scenarios in the world of banking, investing, debt, and setting up your own business in American Sign Language. We have now shifted to a role-model-based approach – working with guest educators who share educational content in ASL while role models tell their relevant experiences. You can see this approach embodied in our latest offering, “Earn Your Future,” a course on personal budgeting.

Keith Delk

Digital Media Coordinator

Keith Delk (he/him) grew up in a small urban town in Illinois and currently resides in the USA capital. He graduated with a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in New Media Design with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and PR & Advertising. At CSD Learns, Delk is responsible for leading and supporting all stages of educational video production. He often imagines a world where every business, institution and venue embraces access through technology. He enjoys getting off the grid, discussing new business ideas, experimenting with access technology, jogging, biking, brewmaking and playing in virtual reality whenever he can.

Headshot of Keith Delk
Headshot of Keith Delk

Frank Griffin

Instructional Designer

A gaming wizard and digital design guru, Frank Griffin (he/him) grew up nearby the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and now resides in Greensboro, NC. With a B.A. in Economics from UNC-Greensboro and a M.A. in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University, Frank specializes in instructional design and eLearning content development. Originally in the educational field as an ASL & Deaf Studies professor (and still is, sort of), Frank became involved with instructional design when tasked with developing new curricula with ASL composition. Over the last five years, Frank has created online courses and written eLearning content for educational institutions, private companies and non-profit organizations. Challenges that fascinate Frank with instructional design involve strategies for bridging online content with social experiences where gaps are often seen. Frank’s other interests also involve early children language acquisition and Deaf education.

When not working, Frank loves pizza, disc golf, video games and a good book, but most of all, beach trips with his wife, Alicia and their three children, Amari, Natalie and Madelyn.

Headshot of Jazmine Jones

Christina Hopewell-Albert


After leaving southern California and contently departing from her 15-year career as an entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness spa industry, Christina Hopewell-Albert (she/her) decided to pursue her interests in ASL online education and research. She obtained her BA and MA degrees in Linguistics from California State University Northridge and Gallaudet University, and her doctorate degree from Northeastern University specializing in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Christina’s areas of interest are learning experiences associated with multicultural content within the curriculum in the ASL virtual classroom. She also explores best practices in quality assurance through assessments of instructional content in every stage of the process of the delivery. Christina provided oversight to online higher education programs and overcame challenges through solution-seeking approaches such as adapting to current education trends through research, collaborating with online education experts, and extending virtual education services to businesses, for- and non-profit organizations, and federal entities.

Christina Hopewell-Albert has laid down roots in Washington, D.C. with her husband and son where she enjoys cultural excursions of all senses that includes cooking, international cuisines, watching foreign films, visiting exhibits and concerts, and traveling.

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