About the CSD Learns Team

The CSD Learns team came together from all walks of life to provide quality, engaging education and resources in ASL for deaf and hard of hearing learners. Through our own learning experience, we’ve come to cherish how educational resources, classroom approaches, and eLearning are developed – through a honed, collaborative process working with different, skilled members of the community. Learn a bit about us!

Meet the CSD Learns Team

We’ve been evolving in our eLearning approach! A subsidiary of Communication Service for the Deaf, CSD Learns started out by filming actors on-camera, portraying learning scenarios in the world of banking, investing, debt, and setting up your own business in American Sign Language. We have now shifted to a role-model-based approach – working with guest educators who share educational content in ASL while role models tell their relevant experiences. You can see this approach embodied in our latest offering, “Earn Your Future,” a course on personal budgeting.

Christina Hopewell-Albert

Vice President, Program Impact

Dr. Christina Hopewell-Albert is the Vice President of Program Impact. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics with concentration in Deaf Studies from California State University, Northridge, a master’s degree in Linguistics from Gallaudet University, and a doctoral degree in education with a focus on curriculum, teaching, learning, and leadership from Northeastern University. As Director of CSD Learns, Christina oversees multiple grant-funded programs and contracts driven by a dynamic team with experience in academic leadership, business management, and empathy-based and multicultural education principles. She has awarded and managed over $1.2M in grants and contracts to date.

Christina has spent more than 20 years as a pioneer in education across the United States, utilizing her expertise in K-12 classrooms all the way up to higher education, federal agencies, non-profits, and

corporations. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for Project Fast Forward at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

In addition to her passion for education, Christina loves learning experiences associated with multicultural content within the curriculum in the American Sign Language virtual classroom; and exploring best practices in quality assurance through assessments of instructional content in every stage of the process of the delivery.

Fun fact: Christina once owned and managed health, beauty, and relaxation establishments, and she was a make-up artist in the entertainment industry. A Southern California native and DC transplant, Christina enjoys cultural excursions of all senses that includes cooking and eating international cuisines, watching foreign films, visiting exhibits and concerts, and traveling with her husband and son.

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CSD Learns aims to create equity and give the community resources for self-improvement and advocacy. The program’s goal is to provide equity for deaf people in the workplace and give people the tools for self-improvement and autonomous social mobility. By providing self-paced online courses with visual and auditory paths for interaction, we ensure that people from all intersections can engage with our content and build their own pathways to success. CSD Learns’ courses can be accessed by any individual, school, or organization at no cost.
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