Research shows that role models increase learning motivation when applied to a given field. We’ve taken this to heart, by working with deaf/hh adult role models in professional careers to create Teacher’s Toolkits and online courses with educationalcontent integrated with videos of role models telling their life experience, the barriers they face, and journeys into their career – all for your learners to absorb and benefit from. With materials ready for elementary to high school level, you can access them through our new and innovative learning management system, EdApp.

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Our STEM Toolkits consist of ready-made presentations with engaging instructional content featuring deaf/hh role models involved in STEM.

World of Drones

World of Electrical Engineering

World of Conservation

Develop Your Cybersense

Software Engineering

Embrace The Earth

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Work and Benefits

Make sure your SSI/SSDI benefits support you as you develop your career.

Searching For A Job

Learn about the effective strategies you can use to find the job you want.

Writing Resumes

Open doors to the jobs you want by learning the guidelines of crafting a good resume.

Parts of a Job Interview

Find success in job interviews through this course on setting up and preparing for interviews.

Banking Basics

Secure your money by learning how to set up your own bank account and stay safe with online banking.

Interested in Investing?

Get started on investing by learning the basics of navigating the stock market and what options fit you.

Dealing with Debt

If you’re worried about debt, protect yourself by learning about debt and how to manage it.

Beginning Your Business

Start up your own business by learning how to create one, set up the structure you want and hire the right people.

Teachable Moment: Privilege & Intersectionality

Understand where you stand in life by learning about privilege, intersectionality, and resources for more education.

Teachable Moment: Workplace Solutions: Creating Equity

Discover the five approaches businesses can incorporate to increase diversity in the workplace.

Teachable Moment: The Writing Process

Strengthen your writing skills by learning about the writing process and how to connect with your audience.

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