Learners, You’ve Come To The Right Place.

We are thrilled to launch CSD Learns microlearning, our brand new Mobile Learning Solution! CSD Learns has partnered with Canvas to create a mobile-first learning experience – featuring courses in ASL – that’s been customized for deaf learners in our community.

Learning, on the go

We provide courses in the areas of banking, entrepreneurship, and debt, to name a few. You can access all of our online courses in ASL, straight from your mobile phone or computer. This means you can take the courses you need, no matter where and when – all from the comfort of your smartphone.

An illustration of two students holding up a very large cellphone.
Illustration of two students. One is standing and browsing the internet on her phone. The other is sitting and reading a book.

MicroLearning, Bite-Sized

Based on the principles of microleaning, our courseware consists of small bite-sized chunks of learning. Compatible with Android and Apple devices, deaf and hard of hearing learners can access our online courses in ASL on any modern web browser (including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and Edge), giving you total flexibility when it comes to building your learner journey.

Learners, it’s time to start learning with CSD Learns

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