STEM Toolkits For Hybrid Learning

July 29, 2020

Balancing Preparation and Flexibility in a Time of Uncertainty

With the start of a new school year coming up, teachers are tasked with creating a meaningful learning experience for their deaf and hard of hearing students for the upcoming year. Doing this while navigating Coronavirus is especially challenging. Many have been asked to plan for a semester that accommodates hybrid learning or the flexibility of transitioning from in-person to digital learning at a moment’s notice.

This coming Fall, a teacher’s responsibilities will extend far beyond restructuring their curricula. We know that teachers have an important impact on a child’s mental/physical health, social well being, and more. With everything that our students have been dealing with since March, this impact is more important than ever. Balancing all of these responsibilities, with new school guidelines, in addition to protecting their own health is a lot for one person to handle.

We at CSD Learns want to ease that burden.

CSD Learns STEM Toolkits Are the Adaptable Resources You Need 

We have worked with subject matter experts to create a series of STEM Teacher’s Toolkits to use in elementary, middle, and high school. These toolkits are easy to implement online, in-person – or both simultaneously.

Featuring deaf and hard of hearing role models, each toolkit provides educators with several weeks’ worth of lessons (in ASL) that students will love. Each free toolkit has videos, interactive activities, quizzes and more. Keep reading to find the perfect toolkit for your classroom.

Cover of the Developing your Cybersense Week Three Lesson

Teach Your Middle Schoolers to Stay Safe Online

With our students spending so much time online –even more now with virtual learning – it’s important they know how to stay safe.

Our Developing Your Cybersense Toolkits, created in partnership with RIT/NTID, provide you with four weeks of lessons on cybersecurity. Your students will learn about topics like information security, digital footprints, social media use, and fake news from four deaf and hard of hearing role models.

Cover of the toolkit "Immersion in Programming" with Kimberly Harvey.

Inspire your High Schoolers to Pursue a Career in STEM

Did you know that deaf and hard of hearing workers who pursue STEM careers earn up to 30% more than deaf workers in non-STEM careers? In addition to that, STEM careers are projected to grow by nearly 9% over the next eight years. It’s the perfect time to be encouraging students to pursue and education in STEM.

Our “Immersion in STEM” series highlights careers in four different areas of STEM; immunology, nanoengineering, programming, and statistics. Your high schoolers will learn about what it takes to have a successful career in STEM from four pros who’ve been there before!

Cover of All About Immunology with a Dr. Alicia Wooten, a deaf role model

Pique Your Elementary Students’ Interest in STEM 

It’s never too early for your students to start learning about their immune system, how their computers work, why math is important, what goes into the technology they use every day – and more.  

Our “All About STEM” series covers important foundational concepts in immunology, programming, statistics, and engineering, all in a way that will excite and engage your younger students. 

Flexible, Free STEM Courses for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 

With so many uncertainties in the year coming up ahead – let CSD Learns take away one of them. Our Teachers Toolkits are ready-made and as adaptable as you need them to be. Sign up below to get access to our free resources. 

CSD Learns aims to create equity and give the community resources for self-improvement and advocacy. The program’s goal is to provide equity for deaf people in the workplace and give people the tools for self-improvement and autonomous social mobility. By providing self-paced online courses with visual and auditory paths for interaction, we ensure that people from all intersections can engage with our content and build their own pathways to success. CSD Learns’ courses can be accessed by any individual, school, or organization at no cost.
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