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by | Feb 3, 2021

Transforming Financial Behaviors During a Pandemic

In this four-part workshop series, financial coach Alex A. Jones teaches viewers how to transform unhealthy financial habits and behaviors and set goals for a healthier financial future. Topics covered include strategies and best practices for improving financial decisions, and how to identify priorities that can help you work toward big-picture goals, like spending more time with loved ones, or homeownership.

About Alex: Alex A. Jones is the Founder and Coach of ASLCoach Strategy Partners, DBA, a professional coaching firm that works with individuals and teams. He has BS in Business Management from Gallaudet University and MS in Human Resource Development from RIT. He is also a graduate of Crossroad Solutions Coach, a Coach Training Center, and acquired the certificate of Professional Coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Want to learn more about how to break unhealthy decision-making patterns and transform your finances? Watch Alex’s whole series below!

Week One

Alex covers basic concepts in behavioral finance, touches on changes in financial capabilities due to the impact of COVID-19, and examines the intersections of psychology, behavioral economics and the social sciences.

Week Two

Alex dives deeper into the personal finance decision-making processes, including common origins for the cultural and personal relationships we have to money.

Week Three

Building on knowledge from Week 2, Alex teaches us how to put the personal knowledge gleaned about our own attitudes toward money to work. He discusses unhealthy vs. healthy financial decision-making habits and how to strengthen those healthy capacities.

Week Four

Alex highlights some key takeaways from the series, and encourages viewers with tips on how to move their finances forward.

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Alex shared three great videos that can give you insight into your psychology and the impact it has on your decisions. Check them out below


Are you looking for informative, and engaging books to help guide your journey to financial improvement? Here are two that Alex recommends.

Dollars and Sense
Dan Ariely & Jeff Kreisler


BehavioralEconomics.com has seemingly endless resources for learning about behavioral sciences, behavioral insights, and behavioral economics. It can be hard to know where to get started. We recommend checking out their:

Connect With Alex

If you want to get in touch with Alex Jones and utilize his financial coaching services, reach out to him on Facebook.

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