A Community Workshop: Building Your Wealth

by | Jun 28, 2021

June Workshop Series Recap: Building Wealth for Individuals and Families

(part of the Financial Education Workshop Series)

Curious about how to improve your net worth, protect your assets, and improve your family’s cash flow? This past month’s workshop series is filled with great information about wealth management for families. We examined strategies for building net worth, leveraging tax benefits and credits, protecting assets with estate planning, and more.

Father and Financial Management Specialist of USAID Harish Ramroop hosts this four-part series, offering tips and resources from the unique perspective of an expert and family man.

Want to catch up on all the great info this series has to offer? We’ve got you covered! 


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Week 1: Understanding the Basics

Our own Jazzy Jones and series host Harish Ramroop, kick off the workshop with a discussion of personal and family finance management, including budgeting, making good investments and building wealth.


Week 2: Strategies for Your Cash Flow

Harish breaks down what it means to keep the cash flowing, and how to free up yours. Topics discussed include COVID-19 relief, shopping and budgeting tips, additional income streams, flexible healthcare savings accounts, and more.


Week 3: Estate Planning

If something were to happen to you or your partner, do you have a plan? Harish takes on the difficult topic of estate planning in this week’s webinar. Guest presenter Chicago-area Attorney Tony Abou Ezzi explains what families need in order to draw up a will, get life insurance, and more.


Week 4: Family Experience Panel

In the closing webinar of the series, guests Mick Posner, Dr. Franklin C. Torres, and Georgina Fitzpatrick share their personal finance experiences and tips, and the audience asks questions.


This series was funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation.

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