A Community Workshop: Financial Guidance for Seniors

by | May 10, 2021

Workshop Recap: “Financial Guidance for Seniors”

(part of the Financial Education Workshop Series)

In today’s world, Senior Citizens are more “plugged-in” to the latest technology than ever before. This workshop series will answer questions on how to use the computer and internet to access benefits like social security, and Medicare, how to save and keep track of retirement income, and protecting all your assets from hackers and scammers with cybersecurity tips.

Series host Stephanie Summers is a top financial expert and the first deaf woman ever to earn the Series 7 General Securities license. Previously working for Sallie Mae and the Federal government, Stephanie has been an advisor with Kramer Wealth since 2006.

Want to catch up on all the great info this four-part series has to offer? We’ve got you covered! Check out a recording of each week below,


Watch the whole series below!
Week 1: “All About Fraud and Scams”

Stephanie kicks off the workshop series with a bang, looking at scams, fraud, and internet hacking. We learn the common tricks of the trade and talk about ways to protect your technology, yourselves and your loved ones from becoming the next victims!


Week 2: “All About Security”

When it comes to social security, learning to navigate the system can be overwhelming. This week, Stephanie breaks down the basics, including how to get your check, and deciding the best time for you to start receiving benefits.


Week 3: “All About Medicare

Medicare was a hot topic in the latest election cycle, but do you know everything you need to know about how this valuable healthcare benefit can apply to you and your loved ones? This week Stephanie took a look at what Medicare has to offer, and how to access it.


Week 4 “All About Retirement Income”

Social security benefits are great, but these days, it’s important to save for retirement, too. In this final workshop in the series, Stephanie covers different strategies for investing and saving when it comes to your retirement income, so that the golden years can stay stress-free.


This series was funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation.

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