A Community Workshop: Black Deaf Businesses Surviving the Pandemic

by | Mar 10, 2021

Workshop Recap: “Rise up! Black Deaf Businesses Surviving in the Pandemic”

(part of the Financial Education Workshop Series)

The ongoing pandemic has had a grave impact on small businesses all over the world. In the US, Black business owners have faced an even more heightened struggle; the Federal Reserve Bank has reported that the number of active Black-owned small businesses declined 41% between February to April 2020! What does that mean for Black Deaf-owned businesses in our community?

In this four-part workshop series, CSD Learns’ Jazzy Jones guided viewers through the history of finance and the impact it has on the Black community in the post-slavery period, as well as how the current pandemic continues to affect Black-owned businesses.

Throughout the series, we’ve had the opportunity to spotlight Black Deaf entrepreneurs by inviting them to share how their businesses have been affected or sustained during this challenging time. Want to learn more?

Watch the whole series below!
Week 1: “The Power of Black Money”

This week, CSD Learns’ Jazzy Jones gives viewers an overview of the social and economic power of Black-owned businesses, and the impact the pandemic has been having.


Week 2: “Financial Literacy: Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Recovery”

Jazzy hosts guest Ritchie Bryant, a Black Deaf CDI who offers tips on how to best prepare a strong foundation for recovery when pandemic restrictions are no longer needed.


Week 3: “Spotlight on Black Deaf Businesses”

Jazzy hosts Black Deaf small business-owners Erika Olujuie of ErryB, Desjunae Ross of The Deaf Flower, Rosetta Stevenson of Zetta Marie’s Pastisserie to learn about their challenges and successes as business owners.


Week 4 “Spotlight on Black Deaf Businesses, Part 2”

Jazzy hosts Black Deaf small business-owners Andrea Sonnier of Critical Consciousness School and Anton Abraham of DJ Hear No Evil to learn about their challenges and successes as business owners.


This series was funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation.

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