How to Use CSD Learns’ Toolkits

by | Sep 17, 2021

It is that time of year again where educators return to their schools and planning for the classes they are assigned to teach. In Deaf Education, we know that there is a good amount of time searching for resources that are designed to appeal deaf and hard of hearing students. Educators are often exploring the internet with the questions:  

  • Does this video have captions? 
  • Does this content appeal to my deaf and hard of hearing students? 
  • If only there were content made for my students who uses ASL…  

Did you know that CSD Learns has created over 20 FREE teacher’s toolkits? They are ready-made presentations with deaf pedagogical needs in mind! Videos, worksheets and additional external links to support discussions in the classroom are included. The best part about those teacher’s toolkits is that there are videos of deaf and hard of hearing adults sharing their experiences in their respective fields. This reinforces CSD Learns’ value in connecting future generations of deaf adults to role models that look like them! 

So how would you use our teacher’s toolkit?  

Check out those videos we created for one of our toolkits! Those videos are applicable to all 20+ toolkits that we have. Click below to learn about how to use them once they are downloaded. When you’re ready, visit to add them to your lesson plans!


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