Downloadable STEM Resources for Deaf Education

by | Sep 9, 2019

Download STEM classroom resources for deaf education. 

Representation matters, particularly in education. That’s why CSD Learns and Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf (RIT/NTID) have teamed up to create a new Teachable Moments series. These resources for deaf education feature #DeafInSTEM professionals who participated in the RIT/NTID STEM Webinar on April 29th, 2019. 

NEW: Introduce your students to the World of Software Engineering with deaf and hard of hearing role model Jo Bempong.

NEW: Discover the World of Electronics Engineering with deaf and hard of hearing role model Johnanna Lucht.

Introduce your students to the exciting World of Drones with deaf and hard of hearing role model Steven Forney.

Inspire a love of nature with the World of Conservation with deaf and hard of hearing role model Sachiko Flores.

Discover 4-weeks worth of role-model based resources for teaching STEM to deaf and hard of hearing students. 

The STEM Teachable Moments series consists of Teacher’s Toolkits. These toolkits contain spotlight videos of deaf role models integrated into content-rich presentations filled with engaging questions and activities. With these resources for deaf education, teachers can:

  • Captivate students by easily switching between instruction slides and video clips of the role models discussing their life and career experiences.
  • Allow students to fully see and understand the path that each role model followed to achieve their ambitions to work in a STEM profession.
  • Utilize the flexibility of the presentation format to introduce each topic when it works best within their curriculum.

Perfect for teaching an individual deaf student, or an entire classroom!

Each toolkit includes 5-days worth of interactive presentations. Teachers have the flexibility to introduce each day’s topic whenever it works best with their planned curriculum, or to present each toolkit as a week-long deep dive into STEM learning. 

The World of Electronics Engineering Toolkit Cover

Day 1: The Electrical Engineer
Introduce students to Johanna Lucht, her career and engineering at NASA.

Day 2: Exploring Programming
Show students the world of coding and more about Johanna.

Day 3: More About Programming
Guide students through levels of programming and hardware, and take a look at Johanna’s career.

Day 4: Impact on the Environment
Learn about NASA’s environmental focus and Johanna’s environmental impact in the past and currently.

Day 5: Communication
Explore communication and problem-solving with Johanna.

World of Software Engineering Toolkit Cover

Day 1: The Software Engineer
Introduce students to Jo Bempong, her career, and flowcharts.

Day 2: Exploring Code
See how Jo became interested in coding, and learn about HTML.

Day 3: Test, Test, Test!
Find out why coding is beneficial, and learn about debugging and more about Jo’s skills.

Day 4: Waste Management
Discover Jo’s impact on the environment and learn about battery disposal and algorithms.

Day 5: Time Management
Explore time management and research, and understand Jo’s goals.

World of Conservation Teacher's Toolkit Cover

Day 1: The Conservation Advocate
Introduce students to Sachiko Flores, her career and the ecosystem.

Day 2: Our Planet
Discover our impact on the planet and explore Sachiko’s career.

Day 3: Pollution
Dive into understanding plastic pollution and community accountability.

Day 4: Impact of Teamwork
Learn the value of teamwork and how Sachiko co-founded CorpsTHAT.

Day 5: Be a Team Player
Show students how they can make a difference for the future.

The World of Drones Toolkit Cover

Day 1: The Drone Engineer
Introduce students to Steven Forney, his career, and drones.

Day 2: Exploring Drones
Show students the world of drones and how Steven got involved.

Day 3: Impact of Drones
Show students how drones are changing the world and how to be careful with them.

Day 4: 3D Printing and Coding
Learn about 3D printing, measurement units, and Steven’s environmental impact.

Day 5: Drones & Problem-Solving
Explore problem-solving and future technologies.

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