An Educator Webinar: Filling the Gaps in Your Teaching

by | Mar 22, 2021

Filling the Gaps in Your Teaching

On Thursday, March 18th, co-hosts Todd Bonheyo and MaryEllen Graham invite Susanna Henderson, a professor at Gallaudet University, and Samantha Bradi, a teacher at California School for the Deaf, Fremont, to join them for our fifth webinar in the Financial Education series.

Henderson and Bradi bring insights from their experiences working with college students and high school graduates in the community. In this webinar, they’ll identify missed opportunities in students’ current K-12 financial literacy educational experiences, discuss some of the reasons why this information is often overlooked or unsuccessfully provided to D/HH students. They’ll also offer tips and favorite resources for best filling in those gaps.

Watch the recording, find responses to unanswered questions, and resources shared in the webinar below.


Digital Adaptive Learning with MyLabMath and ALEKS in GSR 104 (Quantitative Reasoning)

In the Spring of 2018, a study was conducted as a part of Gallaudet’s Digital Fellows project on how adaptive learning software can be used.

In the case study report and PowerPoint presentation, you’ll find a comparison of Pearson’s MyLab Math and ALEKS in connection to student success.

A Study of Instructional Tools for Quantitative Reasoning in 2017

This presentation from Gallaudet’s General Studies Requirement Quantitative Reasoning course explores whether or not technology can be used to make online instruction as effective as in-person classes.

You can also access the poster presentation here. 


CSD Learns Resources

From some of the comments and questions asked during the webinar, we would like to share some additional resources from CSD Learns that would be beneficial for your work with teaching financial education.

How can deaf students of color overcome their fears in their finances?

Check out last month’s workshop series: Rise Up! Black Deaf Businesses During The Pandemic. This series will help you gain perspective in regard to Black culture and being a BIPOC entrepreneur.

Understanding the history of Black money and gaining perspectives will help you be better educators for your BIPOC students as future financial experts.

Should students learn about Bitcoin?

On Tuesday, March 23rd, we hosted workshop in the series where all things cryptocurrency is discussed. The more you know, the more you can determine how to incorporate the future of money in your lesson planning! The recording will be available on our YouTube channel shortly. Make sure you’re subscribed to our channel to get the latest updates!

What is the appropriate age to discuss saving for retirement?

In a past webinar, Dr. Joseph Santini, discusses this very topic with his guest panelist, Michael Kane. Go to this webinar to watch their discussion on teaching your students about retirement.

Why not teach personal finance to elementary students?

Yes! It is never too early to start teaching our future generations about money. Check out our webinar about how to teach financial literacy to elementary students.

I believe there are more resources out there on financial literacy.

Yes! CSD Learns has been working on resources related to financial literacy for the past four years with funding made possible by Wells Fargo Foundation. We have a plethora of webinar videos for you to explore as well as toolkits. In fact, we have a few more toolkits coming your way this Spring!  

Check out our Youtube channel for all the webinars we hosted over the last few years. We are sure you’ll find what you need. 

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